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It a weird feeling to be sitting there late at night, having all these thoughts and mixed emotions run through your mind. And the funny thing is that it all stemmed from a Top 5 video about the worst cartoon theme songs.

Granted, one part of me wanted to rip my fucking head off of my neck after hearing that whiny and vapid cunt, Angela Anacocknozzle, shriek out that garbled, ear-raping pile of vomited diarrhea that I will only loosely call her theme song. Then there was that wretched, disgusting sack of infant shit that was the intro for Mega Babies. What fucking annoying, pitiful, miserable ways to introduce your shows. I want to jump into the screen and strangle these characters you made so that they can suffer very slowly. (Payback, show creators, payback!) Ugh... I think I'm just tired and irritable. Either way, I hate crap theme songs.

Were you slightly worried about me going apeshit during that whole speel? Well then, let's let that paragraph illustrate and segue into the main point of this journal.

During a point in the video, the content creator was openly disgusted about one of the theme songs for the German version of the Naruto dub, specifically the way the theme song tries to sell one of the three characters to the audience.

Once the three words, "Sakura the Beautiful," were mentioned, the intensity of his backlash towards it both intrigued me and somewhat frightened me. It's his video. He can say and react however he wants. But the fact that people in general can have such an abrupt, violent change in emotion without warning is part of what scares me, both here and in general.

He's justified for expressing himself. I think that the heart of his criticism was fair. Not to sound preachy or overzealous, but I've never been a fan of throwing a character into a show and having their defining trait be that they're this sex or that ethnicity, with X stereotypical characteristic attached. It's incompetent from an artistic standpoint and an ethical one. Which is also why I don't like pandering, where a series throws in a character of any race or sex, gives them a few desirable traits, and then goes, "look, we're portraying you in a positive light for the sake of making you feel better about yourselves (and not really for the sake of making a genuinely compelling character)! Don't you love us now?" It's sometimes very well-intentioned (although it can be used superficially to make the producers look better), but it's dishonest, and quite condescending after you read between the lines.

I get what he's fighting for, I feel quite happy that he's trying to point out the underlying programming that causes us to react to and portray people in a certain way, and while I'm sure the rather extreme reaction was mostly for entertainment purposes, it still worries me that I could see regular, everyday people react in such a way, possibly hitting levels of "stupid-angry," where they close their minds off to reason and instead let outrage dictate their behaviour. It's reckless and potentially very dangerous.


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